SEO - The Technical Bits

Yoast SEO – The complete Wordpress SEO Plugin

Every blogger or someone with a website has heard a something called SEO. SEO meaning search engine optimization. As everybody knows, that today’s internet space is extremely cluttered. You are a blogger and your site should have a good SEO. You have to break through the clutter. You can build your blog site or website using Wordpress which helps you create extremely user friendly website. It is a well known fact that Wordpress helps you create SEO friendly site. This is actually very popular for that. However, the real SEO benefit of Wordpress is that which comes from WordPress plugins WordPress SEO by Yoast. This particular plugin called Yoast is till now the most complete and efficient SEO solution that has been made available for WordPress. The fact that it has been downloaded a million times is proof of the claims. Wordpress SEO plug in is used to improve the SEO of the page.

Most plugins are simple addition of Meta tags and description. But Yoast SEO is more than this. Custom post title, meta keywords, and meta descriptions for our posts, pages, and other taxonomies (tag, category, etc) can be defined using this plug in. When you are writing the Meta information for your post or page, Yoast WordPress SEO plugin shows you a Google search result snippet as preview, so you know exactly how your content will present itself on the net when someone is searching for it in Google. This SEO plug in can even get you verified google authorship for your site.

It will also help you create XML sitemaps that will also support images. It also gives you the option to have advanced configuration such as removing a specific page, post, or a taxonomy, tags / categories from the sitemap. Word press plug-in informs the search engines automatically when your content is published.

Another feature of it is that it allows you to add custom RSS footer for our WordPress posts.

Another wonderful feature in line with today’s generation is its social media integration that lets us show the correct title, on Facebook including image and description. Twitter cards are also added in Wordpress, Yes, Yoast SEO allows you to do so.

SEO - The Technical Bits

Some of the top reasons why you should use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress to enhance your experience of on-page SEO activity and rankings in organic search engine are:

  1. When you are writing your Meta description for your site or page or post it will give you a snippet preview of how it will .look in a Google search when someone is searching for it. This is extremely useful for the blogger.
  2. Get your Google authorship for your blog or website. This helps you to link the contents that you are creating to any Google profile that you may have. This automatically promotes your site or posts in social media.
  3. The Yoast plugin gives recommendation on how we can improve the post. It has a color coded indication reflecting SEO or readability of the contents. The keyword density (high or low), inbound and outbound links, meta description, key word focus all are taken care of in this SEO plug in. It guides you step by step to improve your post. You can preview the entire post before publishing it on to the site.
  4. By linking it to Google Webmaster tool, you can automatically notify the search engines that there are changes to your contents or that new posts have come up.
  5. Yoast SEO automatically generates an XML sitemap file for your site, whereby a list of your all the web pages of your site is created and is told to Google and other search engines about the architecture of your site content and what pages to pull for which information.

SEO - The Technical Bits

We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolutely necessary activity for your website. Breaking through the lot of clutter today in the digital space is not easy and it is bound to get expensive. It determines the traffic that will follow to your site affecting the visibility of your web page or website. While you can certainly do some basic activities like proper keyword searches, relevant taglines and Meta, but a bit of professional touch always helps. Due to the extreme importance of traffic to your site, there are several SEO services, SEO agencies and SEO Companies who provide these specialized services for you. There are some extremely efficient and popular ones.

Getting Indexed, preventing unnecessary crawls, increasing your prominence, white hat/black hat techniques – all of these can take away your focus from your primary entrepreneurial venture.

There are several cool reasons why you should be using Yoast SEO for your sites’s SEO activities. Use it to know its benefits.